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Author Topic: Invio - How to Capture Territory  (Read 350 times)

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Invio - How to Capture Territory
« on: February 12, 2013, 01:57:47 pm »
In the World of Invio, everything is up for grabs, the towns, the cities, airport etc. (However safe settlements are not).

The left side of the map is all unclaimed. In order to claim this land, all you have to do is simply travel there, and state a claim to the land. By doing so, the Territory map will be updated to now show your new territory. Be careful not to bite of more than you can chew, as you will be responsible for defending your new land from the other factions who want it to!.

To make a claim, simply go to the area, and light several flares in the surrounding area. In chat say the area you claim. You must hold that area for 30 minutes in order to have it join your faction. This gives time for others to dispute the claim and fight for it! The first faction which holds the claimed land for 30 minutes will claim it!. Unclaimed territory can only be claimed when other Members are online!

If you wish to claim another factions territory, you must do the same. Light several flares at your locations and make a claim in the chat. However since it is "enemy" territory, you must hold it for 1 hour. If the defending faction reaches and kills the attackers, then the claim is Void and the area remains part of the defending faction. You are not allowed to log onto another character and continue claiming that territory. If you wish to, the timer will reset and you must hold it for an hour! You can only claim another factions territory when that faction has at least 3 members online!

If you wish to claim a Large city for yourself, ie Campos and Boulder, then you must light several flares at your location, and make the claim in the chat. However you must be able to hold this for 75 minutes. (1hr 15m). The same rules apply, this can only be done if the defending faction has 3 or more members online!

The land that can be claimed will be the equivalent of one Square on the grided map provided. The map will be altered as and when territory is claimed and lost. If you have successfully claimed a territory, please post in the correct forum thread to have the map updated :)

If the Faction can not defend their territory, or prevent another Faction from capturing unclaimed territory within the time limit, they must make an Immediate retreat. They must wait 1 Hour before being able to launch an attempt to recapture it.

You can only capture any territory which you share a border with. So for example the FSK can't capture Crystal Lake unless they border it. So no one can capture Boulder City until they have built their territory onto its doorstep.

You can find the map here http://visiongaming.createaforum.com/invio-state-of-affairs/territory-map/
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