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Author Topic: Important Read: War Z Server Restart! 20/02/2013  (Read 124 times)

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Important Read: War Z Server Restart! 20/02/2013
« on: February 20, 2013, 04:01:48 pm »
Hey Guys,


I have been pleased with how the Server has been running since we opened up. It has been very encouraging, however there have been a few confusion over rules and what exactly this server is.

Firstly, this is a Role-playing server. This means the way you play in-game would be similar to how you play in real life. If you see someone, you aren't just going to shoot them onsight, unless you were 100% sure they were a threat or an enemy. We encourage communication between the different factions and players, whether that is robbing someone, but not killing, taking prisoners etc. You get the picture. Play by the factions play style and Server rules and you will be fine. This doesn't mean Killing it isn't allowed, but just do it in the right manner.

Secondly, I suggest everyone reads up on all the rules here very carefully http://visiongaming.createaforum.com/%28vg%29-invio-war-z-rules-guidelines/. A new Faction has been added call the Independents and you can now play as them. The territory map has also had a change of territory to make it clearer where the territory lands. One capture equals one square on the map. Therefore all claims and captures prior today and now VOID.

Two New rules include:

You are not allowed to Log out during combat, such as picking up rare loot etc, its not in the spirit of a role-playing server

You may only have two characters in Invio, however once one dies, you are allowed to log onto the other one and continue fighting. You must only log onto your two characters!

Warlord Clan

Another Change we have made is that all Warlords are now Smokers. Previously we had allowed anyone to create a warlord clan, meaning there could be more than one Warlord Clan. However this hasn't been very simple or clearly put. So as of now, if you wish to be a Warlord, you wish to become a Smoker! The new Warlord Faction is now the Smoker Faction.

You may create your own faction if you choose, but please Message me with your Idea, Background story, Objectives and playing style. I will review it and see if it fits into Invio. If I think so, you will have your own faction.

All relations have also been reset. Previously The Government and Warlords were at War. They are now again Neutral. So please do not attack thinking both sides are still at War. Just to make sure this is understood, The Government and Warlords are not at war!.

Global Inventory

We had agreed between us that the Global Inventory can only be accessed once upon on Respawn. Therefore you couldn't put it or take out from it. However due to the low loot spawns of both Guns and ammo, this is no longer the case.

As of today, you are allowed Unlimited Access to your Global Inventory.

Please Note that once Loot Spawns are fixed, we will go back to the Previous Rule. But I will announce this.

Joining a Faction

I am aware that there are many people who have applied to join a Faction, but it has been impossible to invite them to a Clan. If this is the case, Please re-apply in the appropriate thread of your faction and make sure that 1) The Character is not in a clan 2) The Name is spelt

The Forums

I have now made a category for each Faction to discuss in. Only members of that Faction will be able to View this thread. Please post here http://visiongaming.createaforum.com/the-war-z-server-discussion/faction-member-groups/.

I have also cleaned up the forums and made appropriate threads for you to apply to that faction.

If you have any more questions regarding these changes, please feel free to contact me.



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