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Title: The Story of Christoph Watson and the Capture of Akiruh
Post by: Christoph Watson on February 28, 2013, 06:58:30 pm
Hello Survivors of Invio,

Christoph Watson reporting in. It's only been a month since I arrived in Invio and have been roaming from city to city looking for a new place to call home. However, when I was looking for food and any other useful supplies in Echo's Compound I heard grunting and moaning. A man stood tall over what looked to be a Government member. I quietly got behind the tall man and hit him in the head with a baseball bat. He passed out and I did my best to help the wounded man, but he didn't make it.

I decided to find out answers from my new prisoner. I tied him and woke him up.

Christoph Watson: Who are you? Why did you kill that man?

The prisoner began to laugh hysterically.

Christoph Watson: What is wrong with you? Tell me or I will leave you here.

Prisoner: If you leave me here, my men will find me and I will kill more and more of these Government swine!

Being a person of strong morale character, Christoph Watson did not want that on his conscience, so he gave him one last chance.

Christoph Watson: Fair enough. Tell me who you are and why you did this or I will kill you before I leave.

No response.

So I hit him and hit him -- over and over again. After blood started to come from his mouth, he looked up and said:

My name is Akiruh and I am a member of the Smokers clan. Even if you kill me, my brothers will avenge me. We will kill every Government swine and if you kill me -- you will be forever marked as an enemy of the Smokers.

I was finished with this man. For my safety and the safety of others, I would have to do something I have never done before... end this man's life. I pulled out my Colt Anaconda that I had found in Smallville and aimed at his head.

Title: Re: The Story of Christoph Watson and the Capture of Akiruh
Post by: D1Z4STR on February 28, 2013, 07:03:12 pm
Good RP story, fits well into the game. To bad many others didn't have the same sense of RP or mindset.  ::)
Title: Re: The Story of Christoph Watson and the Capture of Akiruh
Post by: Linla_Za on February 28, 2013, 07:41:20 pm
What would the world be without a story ?

Especially nowerdays when all a girl had was her hammer, a semi decent pair of cloths and the grit not to sit down and let them get her...

Stumbling through the northern territories , her heart beating at the smallest sound , her nostrils flareing at every invasive scent that wafted around her she knew she had to work fast , she'd seen enough to know this wasn't a place she'd like to be at when the sun set . The ridge , that's where she had to get to , it was a place built for safety she knew she'd be able to fit in there afterall she'd survived long enough to know down south ...well that's where the devil played .

There'd been some broadcasted message from the smokers , touting for fresh blood dareing souls into Campos more likelye for sheer entertainment than anything substantial, perhaps they were in need of more legs , perhaps some members had finally been laid to a fitful rest .

Wearily after raiding a small caravan park her feet held out till the top if the ridge , she'd seen some far off flare but knew well enough not to approach it . This was new to her this area, she needed to know where she fit in. Feeling a surge of relief when she was able to emerge from the forest around this compound without being shot at she scampered up a platform to the nearest lights she could find .

It was here where Linla heard of Christoph Watson , the man in the general store spoke of the torment he'd seen in this mans eyes. She questioned him about the safety of this place , how he knew this man her voice husky from the lack of use though her eyes sparkled as the idea grew that this place could very well become a place she could defend and perhaps call home . Surely his story would be one she could cling to ...after all what would the world be without a story .... with a real hero.
Title: Re: The Story of Christoph Watson and the Capture of Akiruh
Post by: Feddy on March 01, 2013, 12:06:06 am
Cristoph Watson

Was written in blood, when i found Akiruhs lifeless body in Echoes Compound.

And mark my words, we WILL find you !

OOC: Nice read, and real nice initiative, gunna look forward to have more active enemies :)
And Dizaster maybe some players, dont know how to RP and we simply just have to show them  8)