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Author Topic: Christoph Watson & Woodsy Invade Smoker Territory  (Read 66 times)

Offline Christoph Watson

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Christoph Watson & Woodsy Invade Smoker Territory
« on: March 02, 2013, 01:17:27 am »

Sophia (FSK) was in Campos fighting 4 smokers. She kills one and then is killed herself.
Christoph Watson (Gov) entered Campos to assist her, but is too late. While Christoph Watson is in Campos he learns that there is another Government member there, Woodsy, who was there previously to fight the Smokers.
Christoph and Woodsy teamed up. Christoph killed 2. Woodsy killed 1. Christoph and Woodsy were both killed.

Since Sophia is with FSK. I'll leave it to her to tell her own perspective of the battle. :)


As Christoph Watson wakes up in his hospital, he looks panic'd and worried. It isn't until he sees the young lady in the suit sitting in the chair that he calms down a little and sits up.

Reporter: Hello Mr. Watson. How are you feeling today?
Christoph: Where is he?
Reporter: Where is who?
Christoph: Woodsy. Did he make it out alive?
Reporter: Yes, as a matter of fact he did. He is resting. Just like you are.
Christoph: Good.

Christoph rests his head back down on his pillow and began to think about what went wrong.

Reporter: Mr. Watson, may I ask you a few questions?
Christoph: Call me Christoph and yes.
Reporter: Okay, Christoph, thank you. What were you doing in Campos? The homeland of the Smokers.
Christoph: I heard a distress call over the radio that an FSK member was trapped on a roof and needed some assistance. I gathered my gear and left Clearview as quickly as I could. I went into Campos hoping to spot the Smokers before they spot me, but the FSK member repeated over and over that three enemy Smokers were spotted on top of the overpass. I made my way into a building for cover so I couldn't be spotted from above.
Reporter: Smart thinking.
Christoph: While I was hiding... waiting for a Smoker to pass by, I heard through broken static that there was another Government member in Campos with me. We communicated quietly through the radio and began to work together to eliminate as many Smokers as we could.
Reporter: What happened then?
Christoph: The other Government member, Woodsy, had their attention. I peeked outside my door and saw a Smoker looking down from the overpass. I steadied my aim and took one down.
Reporter: Great job.
Christoph: Smoker or not; it is always tough taking away a human life.

The reporter smiles to acknowledge his statement.

Christoph: Shortly after, Woodsy communicates that he has taken one down, but is badly wounded and got away. "One is heading towards you" he said. That was the last I heard of him. With my back exposed and another Smoker on the overpass, I was pinned down. As I was scouting my back, I saw another Smoker sneaking up from behind and shot him -- I'm not sure if he lived or not. During the exchange, he shot me a few times as well, but I was fine. The Smoker from the overpass must have had a silencer because I remember getting shot in the back and then waking up here.
Reporter: Any idea on how you got here?
Christohp: None whatsoever, but I am thankful to whoever risked their lives to rescue myself and Woodsy.
Reporter: Any plans of going back?
Christoph: Of course. I wouldn't be Government if I didn't want to try and put an end to their reign of terror.

Christoph closed his eyes and went back to sleep hoping that the faces of those he killed will not haunt him in his sleep.
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Offline Feddy

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Re: Christoph Watson & Woodsy Invade Smoker Territory
« Reply #1 on: March 02, 2013, 02:32:40 am »
Nice story, and good fight !

Guess who the last man standing was  8)

Next time you wont have a scout glitching up on roofs !


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