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Author Topic: I need blood..  (Read 41 times)

Offline Tsubaki

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I need blood..
« on: March 07, 2013, 04:06:53 pm »
Tsubaki ran towards the woods without weapons. She is fleeing from zombies and his heading to a barricaded church.
The things lost track as she was looting the church. She saw a kruger and decided to grab it.

''Not empty..'' She said and looked at the door. She heard a sound.
Quickly she turned her body around and pointed a pistol towards a yough man.

''Friendly! Smoker!'' He yelled.
''Your a Smoker?'' Tsubaki asked. The man was unarmed. ''How old are you?''
''Yes. I'm a Smoker'' He said. ''And i'm 19. I passed the trials. You too right? You have a mask..'' He kept his hands in the air.

Tsubaki wasn't a Smoker.. She did got a trial.. But joined the Governent afterwards.
''No...'' She slowly said.
The boy slowly lowered his hands. ''What? Just stop joking.'' He laughed a bit. He then walked inside the church.

''Get back you filth..'' Tsubaki said and pointed the gun to the boy.
The boy looked startled all the sudden and jumped back quickly.

''I'm a governent soldier. Not a Smoker..'' Tsubaki threw her mask off.
''B-but...'' He said.
''I never agreed with the Governent.. They murder just like the Smokers. But I'm still one of them'' Tsubaki said.

The boy walked back slowly and saw a man.
''HEY! HELP! SOMEONE WANTS TO MURDER ME!!!'' He yelled as hard as he could.
The man turned around quickly and started to run. He has a machete in his hand.

Tsubaki walked backwards to a window.
The man got closer to the boy.
The boy took a good look at him. Wait.. his Machete. Its pierced trough his arm..
But before he could run he felt a touch on his back.

He jumped back in the church and realised he attracted the dead.
''Please help me!!'' He started crying and ran to Tsubaki.

Tsubaki quickly kicked him in his stomach and he fell backwards.
A ton of undead came trough the door. The boy tried to crawl away but his legs got grabbed.
He's still trying to run. They are pulling so hard... Then he feels his bones snap and got pulled by the dead.

Tsubaki saw how they tored into his head.. and body. and arms and legs.
Tsubaki ran to a window but kept looking.
She enjoyed it.. how the blood flew around, and how the man kept screaming and crying.

She just needed some blood..

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