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Author Topic: Never let your guard down, even in a secured room.  (Read 54 times)

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Never let your guard down, even in a secured room.
« on: March 09, 2013, 11:11:06 pm »

Another Zombie was victimized by my trusty Tactical Knife. Three times, three times is the charm. Like a lone ranger, I strode into the city. Like a lone ranger, I was alone. Well not really I had my knife with me and if you live in an apocalyptic world, that is all you ever need. The name's Hunter, Ian Hunter. I came to this place called "Colorado" after my friend Inkyu Kim went missing after trying to raid the NORAD military base. I've been looking for him and whatever loot he has been always rambling about. You see Inkyu and I go all the way back to childhood, you know, when you were just 3 feet tall and when Pops would go into town and kill some zombies and would tell us about the better days when these things used to be human like us. Anyhow, Inkyu once told me that a traveler told him bout "Colorado" and that there are much treasures and loots to be found there, specifically a place called NORAD. He said his farewells to our survivalist camp and went off to seek his fortunes. He wrote back many times via travelers. He even sent our village many things such as guns, knives, food, and even armor. It sounded like he was doing great in Colorado. But all of that changed after he sent me a package containing a knife and a note:

Heading to NORAD, heard it's generally very dangerous. A traveler told me it's been recently raided and is no longer too volatile. Will write soon.

He never replied. As his trusted friend I packed my bags and headed to Colorado to find out what happened. Three days later I arrived and found this huge abandoned settlement with signs saying Warning! Stay out! Of course curiosity killed the cat and I headed in with my trusty knife. A few hours of killing and scouting. I ended up trapped in this house as ten zombies came up the stairs. I looked around and there as if God himself decided to help me, was a pistol, I took it. As I picked it up, I saw from the corner of my eyes a man running as a horde of zombies followed him. Tsk tsk tsk, he was going to get himself killed. I turned around to meet my crowd. I pulled out my knife, as I had no time to pull out my pistol, and I slashed away. Within minutes there was a pile of dead bodies. I then scouted a bit more from my room, I should go help that poor survivor, with that in my mind I ran out to attempt to save the person before he got overwhelmed. I ran only to see that he had a shotgun shooting at the zombies. ****, he is armed to the core. Without a second thought I threw myself to cover and pulled out my pistol.

I then jumped out and open fired.

The man fell to the ground


Six bullets came out of the 1911. The man fell to the ground screaming, "Help me brothers! This man shot me!" I immediately turned around to find that he was not alone, and neither was I. Quickly I grabbed the dead man's shotgun and ran inside the building, shooting all the zombies on my way in. Inside a room I waited for the enemy. Adrenaline rushing. I waited for the man, but the man never came. He must've been trying to take his friend's loot. I sighed and walked out of the room. Then out of nowhere a zombie came from behind and bit me. WHERE THE **** DID THIS COME FROM?! I turned around and fired, but I was heavily wounded. I scampered off and a little while I laid well outside of the city and my vision faded as I was overtaken by the pain. I woke up, approximately 1 hour later, the wound had closed and I picked up my trusty knife and continued my way.

Did I ever find my friend? No, but I did learn a valuable lesson that day that you should take into account too whenever you are venturing through the wastelands. Nowhere is safe, even a room that you cleared and 100% sure that nobody else was inside of. Well I guess that's all I have for today, I'll see you around in the wasteland fellow survivor. 'Till then, howdy.

(I'm sorry Gary)
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Great writing, really interesting. Love reading these stories :]


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