**** themselves when they see Smoke on the Horizon."/ >

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Author Topic: Roleplay: Why Swine **** themselves when they see Smoke on the Horizon.  (Read 90 times)

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Roleplay: Why Swine **** themselves when they see Smoke on the Horizon.
« on: March 06, 2013, 07:03:28 pm »
A smirk spread across his face as the stench of flesh rolled from his mouth. Just yards ahead of him leaning against a wall whilst pressing his palm against the large hole right above his knee was a low rank swine. His face was contorted in pain as it was clear that the strength was leaving his body from blood lose.

"God Bless Hallow Points" Salem whispered to himself as he stepped out from behind the tree.

Salem slowly stalked, his suited up scar swinging from one hand as the grin on his face mirrored nothing but evil. The young swine just so happen to look up and see his predator, using all his strength to yank up the pistol in vain. For the only sound that rang out was a hiss as yet another hallow point escaped through the silencer resting at the tip of his rifle. The bullet made contact creating and explosion of gore and bone, leaving the young swine without a hand or gun.

"P..please." the young swine begged, looking to Salem in fear.

"P...p...please? What? Cat got your tounge?" Salem taunted before raising his rifle up again.

Another hiss and another explosion of gore as the mans lower jaw flew off his face, thought still alive he dropped to his ass...barely clinging onto life  as he leaned against the wall of Camp Splinter. Salem stalked forward, his eyes glowing in excitement and with a raise of his boot he flattened the remaining part of the swines head against Camp Splinters walls. Salem reached down, grabbing hold of a fragment of the skull and as he plucked it free he heard the shuffling of grass around him and the moaning of the undead.

"This is my lunch you rotting pieces of ****." Salem said, slinging his gun around his back and retrieving his hatchet that was strapped to his backpack.

He turned and was greeted by four of the rotting cretins who quickly stumbled for an attack. The first two were quick work as Salem made two quick strikes to the sides of their head, the re-lifeless carcasses falling to the ground. With his hatchet at an awkward position all Salem could do is grab the third by the neck, with his free hand...holding it from biting range. The forth lunged forward but right into Salem as he was correcting his swing and into the forehead of the rotting woman. With just the one left Salem let him come very close to his gouged and cut mask and with a laugh he lifted the corpse into the air and drove it down head first, causing it to flatten similar to the swine from earlier. Shuffling the handle of the hatchet in his hand Salem looked over his handiwork.

"Never gloat in the midst of war...." whispered through his mind, an echoe of lessons from his leader Feddy Fatfingers....but it was too late.

A slight gurgle of bloodlust as the black teeth of a walker ripped into the shoulder of Salem, the skin popped as it detached itself along with meat and into the undeads mouth. Salem roared out in anger, ripping himself from the undeads grasp and with one adrenaline filled swing lobbed the walkers head in two. Salem dropped to a knee, letting the hatchet fall to the ground as he instantly reached up to his shoulder. It was a deep bite and near the size of a baseball. He couldn't bleed out and he could hear the shuffle of nearby walkers coming his way...he had to act fast. Throwing his pack to the ground he ripped it open quickly shuffling for a few items he had stored inside.....whiskey, duct tape and gauze...LOTS of gauze.

He quickly twisted off the top of the whiskey and took a swig before pouring it onto his wound. Gritting his teeth he tossed the bottle to the side quickly grabbing hold of the large mound of gauze by his boot. With forced he slammed them into the bite, packing them int to help fill the hole. And this is where he felt it...the venom. He felt like fire running through his veins, he had been infected.

"pssh....reporting all smokers, pssh..." came over his radio.

He didn't gave time to awnser it yet, he still need to finish dressing this wound. But as he reached out for the duct tape it was like a wave hit his body and he stumbled forward to his face. He could hear their gurgle, the clumsy feet...they were nearly on him...and damnit...he wasn't zombie fodder. Salem grabbed hold of the duct tape and quickly peeled up the end before slamming it toe the gauze and tightly around his arm packing the gauze in the wound. And pulling strength from way deep within he took hold of his hatchet and straightened up spinning.

It made a sick contact with the face of a zombie, Salem stepped forward and booted another to the ground. A third reached for him, only to have it's skull split down the middle. With the second to breath, Salem retrieved his pack and took off towards one of the towers. He needed a place he couldn't be surrounded but keep an eye out for a search party for the swine obliterated outside the gates. He made quick of two walkers on the way before quickly scaling the toward and sliding in on his stomach out of view. He layed there for a moment, listening for any lazy footsteps coming up the metal steps behind him...but much to his relief there was none.

The venom was growing stronger and he could feel it seeping through his body, he knew he didn't have time to make it to the HQ for the vacinne reserves....

"psshh, I repeat...any smokers report! pssh." came over his radio again. Salem, not in excruciating pain ripped the radio from his pack and brought it to his mouth.

"Vacine....now....splinter...." was all he could muster to mutter. Salem rolled to his back, looking through the opening to the blue sky above him.

"Salem!? On my way buddy, it's Soll" came the voice.

All he could do now is hope Soll wasn't to far away. He slid himself across the tower, sitting against the wall of the tower...still staying out of sight from any who may be on the ground. The minutes passed like hours, and the hours like days....but after a while the radio crackled back to life.

"Im approaching man, coming over the east hill" came the voice of Soll.

What would Feddy think of this? Salem letting himself get bit...then laying down waiting for help...punishable by death. Forcing himself to his feet, Salem threw the pack on his back and retrieved his hatchet. The venom made his entire body feel like it was up in an inferno but as he looked below him he saw something that sent him into a fit of rage.

A group of walkers had found his swine...and was feasting on him. "Soll...stop at the top of the hill and watch...i'll come to you...." Salem spoke before throwing the radio into the side pouch of his pack.

Rushing forward Salem bound atop the steel railing of the towers, leaping off and landing atop a large stack of wooden paletes. The clatter of the wood grabbed the attention of nearby migrating walkers, who slowly began to lumber their way towards him. Salem, pissed due to his loss of his meal, leaped foward against landing directly infront of the approaching group. With a roar he sent out and impressive slash of his hatchet, taking out two in one motion. The other two where quickly disposed of and left behind him. Salem picked it up to a near sprint, the adrenaline pumping quickening the spread of the infection but lessening the pain. Walker after walker was disposed of untill Salem reached the wall he wanted. And with a leap he steped up the wall enough he could grab the lip of it. Despite the agonizing pain of the wound in his shoulder he lifted himself up and over, rolling over and nearly landing on his face again. But his sense of body controll took over and kept him on his feet.

"Just like a cat....you ****" came the voice of the watching Soll over his radio.

Salem now nearly taken from the infection bounds forward towards the hill, disposing of two more walkers on the way. He reaches a clearing between two trees and can see Soll walking down the hill. His knees give out and he falls to his hands on the ground, a mass of digesting flesh forcing it's way back up his throat and onto the ground before him. Two sirynges  land beside him, the fluids green.....the vaccine. Salem grabs them both, removing the cap and jamming the needs into his arm and quickly shoving the plungers in...filling his veins with the vacinne. Salem rolled to his back, awaiting the chemicals to iradicate the venom spreading through his body...and as he does so.

"Well damn, no wonder the Swine run to their shelter when they hear us on the airwaves....." Soll says with a laugh.

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Re: Roleplay: Why Swine **** themselves when they see Smoke on the Horizon.
« Reply #1 on: March 07, 2013, 01:22:06 am »
OOC: Awesome story man. Very detailed and had me interested throughout the entire thing. :) Can't wait to read more.

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Re: Roleplay: Why Swine **** themselves when they see Smoke on the Horizon.
« Reply #2 on: March 07, 2013, 03:38:59 am »
Indeed Chris, it was a very good, and fun read.

And good inspiration to people out there!
Remember only your creativity sets limits for what will happen in game (and ofcourse the rules)  ;D

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Re: Roleplay: Why Swine **** themselves when they see Smoke on the Horizon.
« Reply #3 on: March 07, 2013, 04:51:31 am »
Thank you all very much, I definantly plan to have more up.

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Re: Roleplay: Why Swine **** themselves when they see Smoke on the Horizon.
« Reply #4 on: March 07, 2013, 09:51:29 am »
Well Done, even If I dissapprove of the way that you Smokers handle situations and treat fellow citizens, I loved it! :P

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Re: Roleplay: Why Swine **** themselves when they see Smoke on the Horizon.
« Reply #5 on: March 07, 2013, 04:09:21 pm »
I luv it :P


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