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Author Topic: The Story of Ellis Overbeck, Mechanic from West Virginia  (Read 56 times)

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The Story of Ellis Overbeck, Mechanic from West Virginia
« on: February 25, 2013, 08:01:27 pm »
Name: Ellis Overbeck
 Age at present: 22
 Homestate: West Virginia, USA
 Job before apocalypse: Mechanic
height: 6 foot
Ellis knows it's hard to remember what happened YEARS ago..
But he remembers when he asked his dad about his mother, he told him,
"She's... In a better place Ellis. Focus on your school work and you'l honor her."
Ellis remembers the time when he ended up dropping out of high school, his Dad was PISSED.
He simply didn't want to deal with the drama of High-School, and he already got the basic knowledge he needed to get a job working as a
Mechanic in West Virginian Autoparts. Ellis DID infact get a job as a Mechanic,
but he obviously didn't make too much money off his job, and so because of this he didn't exactly..
Get the best apartment to live in, if you know what I mean.
Ellis would usually scrape enough cash together to get what he wanted..
Like ammo for his good ol' M1911, which he got from his Grand Father.
The whole issue though, came to when he ran into 3 other guys at a Bar, they were well.. What you'd call, "criminals."
But the thing is that they were offering Ellis a spot with their group, Ellis couldn't exactly resist because,Well... Think about it,
If you were poor, and somone offered you something that could pay a lot..
Wouldn't you do it regardless of what youwould have to do?
Ellis and his new gang started by robing a few gas stations, but then they began having Ellis repair and mantain cars that they stole.
Like for example, if they stole a 1995 Firebird, they'd have Ellis repair its parts, give it a repainting and then re-do the license plates.
He'd then make it usable for either using as a get-away car, or to bribe somone corrupt.
Infact, Ellis kept one of them for himself as he needed a car for getting to the store for food and other things he needed.
Six months later, Ellis didn't like the fact that he was involved in such a thing,
and told the gang that he doesn't exactly want to keep doing crime anymore. But you see, Ellis gave them an incentive to not kill him.
He told them that he won't go on jobs anymore, but if they bring a stolen car he will still apropriate it.
Ellis still didn't like this, but he did it anyway as he didn't want to get shot,
and he simply doesn't want to be getting himself involved anymore with those sort of things.
 But Ellis was one day woken up at Five A.M in the morning, obviously a bit frustrated,
Ellis walks over to his front door where he could hear some pounding..
When he looks through the window in the door,
he could see somone who's eyes are milky white, and his face is all bloody..
Infact, Ellis could swear he can see blood comming from the mans' face.
Ellis was obviously afraid of opening the door, so he walked over to where he kept his M1911,
and approached the door, planning on unlocking the door so whoever outside could open the door and get in;
This man TORE the door down right before Ellis could get to the front door in time, and he looked lifeless to Ellis..
But THAT, THAT part is where it hit Ellis, he noticed the man had a MISSING arm and it was bleeding.
Ellis pulls up his M1911, and fires a shot, right between the man's eyes.
He just stood there for a moment, and kicked the man's leg to see if he was still alive.
When Ellis realizes that he DID shoot him in the face, he thinks for a moment and says, "Oh ****.. Zombies are real, just... ****!"
The next thing Ellis can remember, he was packing up his food, his ammo,
and his sleeping bag in a Backpack that he had for school before he dropped out.
When Ellis got down the stairs to get to the parking garage, he seen three or four of those things..
And a Woman who was screaming and running from them.
Ellis had an idea in his head that said, "Leave her behind and you can get to your car to get out of here."
But Ellis listened to his feelings and attempted to save the lady, he ran up behind one of them,
and blasted it in the back of the head.
When he did this, the other two turned around and went after Ellis as his gun made a LOUD sound.
Ellis quickly turned his aim towards the 2nd zombie, and blasted that one in the left cheek,
And before he could shoot the other one, it grabbed after Ellis and started trying to bite on Ellis.
Due to Ellis' strength being honed up due to his Mechanic carrer, he was able to hold the zombie back and push him off,
with the spare time Ellis had before it would attempt to go back after him, he blasted the zombie in the eye,
causing it to fall over on its back, dead.
 When Ellis took care of the three, he walked over to where the Lady was, and helped her up.
'The name's Ellis. You?" The Woman was about to talk, but the zombie that was shot in the cheek, dug its claw into her leg,
and bit her leg before Ellis could even think, he couldn't do anything but to shoot the zombie, and then the woman to put
her out of her misery.
Ellis made the decision to place the woman's body in a room, and said the words,
"Rest in peace. I didn't even know your name but, you're probably in a better place than this hell world, so.. Goodbye."
And with that, Ellis closed the door, and locked it to avoid zombies breaking in and feasting on her corpse.
Ellis sighed to himself, and walked slowly over to his car, looking around carefuly as to avoid getting caught off-gaurd.
When Ellis got to his Red 1995 Firebird, he realized the car wasn't gased up all the way..
Meaning he'd have to drive and make a trip to the gas station if he planned on going anywhere far.
So he got into the car, started it up, and began driving down the roads to get to the gas station.
On his way down he couldn't believe his eyes: People were running around, panicing, shooting eachother and the zombies..
It was TOTAL anarchy, and Ellis couldn't believe he was right there in the middle of it, driving down the road at 90 MPH.
Ellis knew for a fact that if he were to get to the gas station, there'd be trouble with people..
So Ellis decided to be sneaky, and parked in the woods just a bit down the road from the gas station,
keys in pocket and doors locked, of course. He then crouch-walked his way over to the back of the gas station, and snuck in from the back.
Of course though, there were zombies inside the building, so Ellis had to be careful when he'd go into the garage part of the gas station,
where Ellis worked. Ellis knew that he left 2 full jerry cans of Gas inside the garage, so if he were to sneak past the zombies,
grab the cans and get back outside to his car safe and sound, he'd be able to get across two or three states west before he'd have to
refill again.
So, Ellis grabbed a empty soda can his friend dave left in the trash can the other day,
and threw it out the door towards where the zombies were, in order to make noise to distract the zombies in the room so they'd not see him.
When the can landed, it landed near the front door of the gas station, giving Ellis time to get to the door that leads to the garage.
Ellis quickly RAN to the garage, and closed the door behind him and locked it.
When Ellis turned around after locking the door, he saw Dave sitting there, he appeared to be looking out the window,
towards where Ellis' car was. Ellis says, "Dave! You're still alive? Did you know those things were out front? Are you okay?"
Ellis then turns the chair Dave was in, but to his horror, Ellis could see Dave was in half, his legs weren't there,
they were TORN off his body.. The lifeless face of Dave showed his last expression: Pain and suffering.
Ellis sighs, and closed dave's eyes with his fingers saying,
"Dave, I knew you for six months, but ****.. Those were some cool times man.. I'll remember you man,
keep the peace where ever you are and save me a spot, alright? Good-bye man.."
Ellis then turned around, and walked over to the Jerry cans.
He then opened the garage door and ran for his Red Firebird in the woods.
Ellis litterally rolls the window down using his key while running with both jerry cans in his left hand, dropped the cans in the passenger seat,
jumped OVER the car, and unlocked the drivers seat door in order to hastily get out of there.
Ellis starts the engine, and backs up out of the woods and starts driving,
He rolls down his winow while screaming, "NEXT DESTINATION: CALIFORNIA BABY!"
Of course, fast forward two days and Ellis will be in Oklahoma, he heard over the radio that Hawaii is now infested with the Zombies,
and its NOT recommended to go there..
"Well ****," Ellis said. "I was planning on going there.. Well, that tosses a wrench in my plans."
Before long Ellis ended up getting blocked on the highway with a LOT of abandoned cars,
this forced Ellis to leave his car and walk the rest of the way.
Ellis didn't like the idea of having to, but he did so because for starters he was low on gas again, and for two there was nothing
else he could do. So Ellis gets out, and begins walking down the highway, gun in hand, and bag on back.
Ellis eventually after a few hours of walking walks past a sign that says,
"WELCOME TO COLORADO!" Ellis says, "Well ****, I made it through three states. I think I know what I'm doing."

Two weeks later..

Ellis was walking down the road towards the old Grocery Store,
he wasn't sure what street it was as it's been a LONG time since he came here. He started walking towards the front door,
carefuly opening it, and looking inside to see if it's safe. He soon realized that there was a body sitting in a chair,
half-way across the room where the cash register was. Ellis looked around slowly, trying to get something to defend himself with..
Ellis' eyes came into contact with a Hammer that was next to a dead construction worker,
the body was under a pile of shopping carts, and next to the body were a couple of boards and a box of nails...
Maybe he was trying to baricade himself in? It didn't matter at that point,
Ellis slowly walked over in an attempt to reach for the hammer, while keeping an eye on the construction workers' body.
When Ellis got a hold of the hammer, the construction worker reanimated right infront of Ellis and attempted to grab Ellis' hand.
Due to shock however, Ellis jumped back and dropped the hammer, it sliding all the way down near the front door behind Ellis..
When the Construction worker attempted to crawl forward from under the pile of shopping carts,
its body was ripped in half due to being stuck underneath all of the weight.. This gave Ellis time to quickly turn around,
 run for the hammer, and attempt to smash the Zombie's brains in,
but as soon as the hammer came into contact with the zombies head, the Hard-hat he was wearing absorbed most of the impact,
and it kept comming after Ellis. In a act of quick thinking, Ellis kicks at the zombies chin, sending the helmet flying across the room,
onto the pile of shopping carts, and the thing Ellis remembers, he was swinging that hammer on a dead zombies head,
smashing the thing's undead brains to paste on the floor..
Until he began hearing a voice comming from the dead zombie's belt, "I don't know if this'l reach you or not,
but I hope so.. If not, it's just a comfort for my own mind..
 It's been 465 days since I've seen another human being, and.. It's beginning to.. Affect my existance severely, since..
Day 0 I just been.. Wondering around thinking, 'What is there left?' Last people I saw tried to shoot me,
Even though I said, 'fellow survivor, fellow survivor!' They still tried to shoot me.. I guess the bandits have just taken over..
Nothing left for us normal people is there? So I'm hoping that.. You hear this, and.. I'm in the warehouse at 4th and Elm,
if that helps at all.. If you have a ma-"
The radio cutted out due to low batteries, Ellis thinks to himself, "Warehouse at 4th and Elm?
I oughta find some other people if I'm planning on living.. But first, looting this store."
Ellis then takes his hammer, and walks into the store, he pushes the body in the chair backwards,
and the body just falls out of the chair and on the ground, "Really dead.."
Ellis thought to himself, and he climbs over the counter, and looks under the counter for anything he could use..
As soon as Ellis begins looking, he finds a Glock 17 ontop of the Computer, Ellis takes it and says to himself,
"Well ****, I didn't expect to find THIS.. This is a nice find for sure.. I wonder if I could find ammo for it.."
Ellis then begins looking around, and after a few minutes of looking for any magazines for the Glock 17, he said,
"**** it, I'm just wasting time looking for ammo for a gun in a GROCERY store for shits sake.."
He then climbs back over the counter and walks over to the shelves over yonder towards the
back looking for any bags he could use to carry any goods, he sees the "Camping equipment" section of the store,
and slowly aproaches it incase of any zombies being nearby. When Ellis got close to the camping equipment section,
he seen a backpack that he could grab for himself within reach, so he reaches out for the backpack, and slides it up on his back,
before slowly going back towards the front counter, picking up all the goods he passes and places it in his backpack..
Ellis thought to himself, "Next stop: Warehouse at 4th and Elm."
Ellis then began walking out the front doors and out in the street again,
walking down the road trying to make sense of the signs, until he gets the idea,
"Oooooh! 1st is over there, and so that means if I follow here, and get to 4th, I can get to Elm.. Hah, yeah.. Alright then.."
Ellis then began walking towards the side of the street, and crouch walked to make himself less visable
incase he runs into any bandits..
Ellis then continued to move down the road, it took an hour before he got nearly to 4th, before he could see a warehouse
far off in the distance, Ellis thinks to himself, "THAT is the warehouse at 4th Elm.. But the doors are wide open..
Whoever left that message ain't around anymore, maybe I should look around?"
And with that Ellis continues down the road and gets to the warehouse, fairly sure no one's going to be inside,
he just passes it and looks around before he sees a stream of water.. Ellis thinks,
"Whoever left the warehouse might be out looking for people.. Maybe he followed this stream? Seems a bit risky though.."
But despite his un-easyness he decides to follow the stream, and it leads to a lake where he can see on the bank somone's makeshift camp, Ellis quickly gets down to a prone.. Off in the distance Ellis could see a man wearing a U.S Army Uniform, due to him being a U.S Soldier Ellis was at first hesitant to show himself, so he waited for a few minutes until Ellis finally worked up the courage to get up out of the bushes and walk towards the camp, with his arms up. "Don't shoot, man! I'm Human!"

... To be Continued.
The world was a bad place before.. But with the zombies, it's a hell hole. The only way to restore order is Humanity to work together, as a species.

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That was a very long, but very good read. Welcome to Invio. :)


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